Fashion And Fitness: 5 Trends For Spring 2017

Spring is almost here and its time to revamp your wardrobe. From sexy pieces that show just enough skin to bright statement making sneakers, here are five easy ways to rev up your fitness fashion game for the most vibrant time of the year….

Cut Out Details

There’s gym sexy and then there’s over the top sexy. Cut out details help you to achieve a hint of sex appeal, showing skin without revealing too much. Try this trend on the back of a shirt, or around your shoulders in a pretty sports bra. Think just enough… not far too much.

Mesh Accents

Mesh details are big for spring, providing breathability with a hint of style. Be bold with a stripe of mesh across your upper leg or keep it classy with a hint of mesh at your shoulder or ankle area. Just pay careful attention to wash and dry each mesh accented piece in your closet with care. If you are a lifter, they easily snag, making them a little harder to keep hole-free.

Statement Tees

From funny pop culture references to power quotes, statement tees were in last year and are back for round two. Try a bright hue to dress up your favorite go-to leggings. Sites like Etsy can even help you create a tee using your own favorite quote so that no one else in the gym has the same top as you do. If you are a secret literary nerd, this one’s for you.

Bright, Bold Sneakers

Unless you are die-hard yogi, you probably wear shoes to the gym. At least, on the drive up. Bright, bold sneakers are the way to go for spring, offering a punch of vibrant color to breathe some new life into your old wardrobe.

Leather Accents

All leather at the gym – well that would be trying a little TOO hard, but a few accents here and there and you will start something new in your local lifting class. Try this trend in sports bra with word prints and vegan leather. This way you get the breathability of moisture wicking with just a few leather accent that do not take away from the fabric’s purpose to keep you dry and comfortable all session long.

As you get ready to welcome spring, welcome in a bright new season of style too. It doesn’t take much to upgrade your favorite basics. Just a few trendy pieces can help you bring your fitness fashion game into 2017.