Testosterone Undecanoate And Testosterone Pills

Testosterone is the male anabolic and androgenic hormone that is synthesized by Leydig cells of the testicles. It is responsible for male sexual characteristics, bone growth, bone strength, muscle growth, muscle strength and for the sexual drive and wellbeing of men. Testosterone supplements have been manufactured to gain the same benefits. To answer the question what is testosterone pills, testosterone undecanoate is the only orally available testosterone in the market.

Andriol, as testosterone undecanoate is commonly known, is a testosterone ester. It was manufactured for use in hormone replacement therapy for men with hypogonadism and men with andropause. It was researched in Asia for possible use as a male contraceptive. For this study, it was found to have 90% effectiveness. It was found to reduce sperm production to below 1 million cells per ejaculate.

Testosterone undecanoate is legal in some countries and can be purchased from there. It is used in combination with other anabolic steroids. Anabolic steroids lead to suppression of endogenous testosterone production. This is where testosterone undecanoate comes into play in order to offer the body with an exogenous source of testosterone. This leads to reduced symptoms of low testosterone such as gynecomastia that are associated with steroid use.

Testosterone pills, because of their easy administration, are preferred by most people. They have a long half life and by pass fast pass metabolism by the liver. Testosterone undecanoate is therefore associated with hepatic injury. This is especially prominent when it is used in high doses. However, stopping it use reverses the liver injury.

Testosterone supplements are very important to the fitness and body building industry. They are almost always used in all stacks and cycles so as to provide an exogenous source of testosterone when the levels are depleted. Choosing testosterone pills instead of testosterone injection is usually an individual’s preference.