What Is Winstrol Steroid

If you are wondering what is winstrol steroid, maybe this will help you. Winstrol is a anabolic steroid. It has garnished attention because of those who have used it for competition reasons.

This steroid can be used by men and women and has been effective in performance enhancement. It is popular among those who are physique based athletes and bodybuilders. It is also popular with those who are performance athletes.

Besides helping with performance it has been used in modern medicine. It has been used in helping to preserve bone mass with those who have osteoporosis and has helped to combat lean tissue wasting. It has also been used in patients with severe bone fractures and burn injuries.

This steroid is used for different reasons. One reason is for medical purposes. Another reason is to increase strength so that bodybuilders and athletes can have more speed and power. Women and Men use it during the cutting phase of working out.

As far as side effects goes, it can be controlled if you use it wisely. It still may cause side effects especially if you don’t tolerate it very well. It can cause high blood pressure if you are not eating healthily. It can also cause acne, hair loss, cardiovascular problems, it can suppress testosterone production, and it can cause liver damage. In women it can cause virilization which can include deepening of vocal chords, body hair growth, and clitoral enlargement.

Winstrol is available through the black market. You will find that it can be found as an injectable and oral form. You will want to stick with he human grade labels because you may end up getting a counterfeited product. If you decide to buy the steroid online you are at risk of being scammed if you don’t pick a reputable suppliers. You may also get a contaminated product or fake one. You are also at risk with getting in trouble with the law especially in the United States if you don’t have a prescription to go with it.

So as you can see this product has been used by athletes and bodybuilders. Many use it to enhance their performance.